This explain how to add a new vehicle to the H&M system (cargo, reputation, data base (save vehicle status, cargo ammo and objects loaded)…).

1: Add new vehicle to H&M

If the vehicle is destroyed, a wreck will be left. You will need to tow or lift it to the logistic point for a fully repair.

1: By mission editing:

You can add new vehicle in the mision.sqm :

2: In game

A garage is available for admin only. Activate the garage through mission parameter. Then if you are admin, you will be allow to spawn a vehicle by interacting with the logisitc point box.

2: Add respawn to vehicle or boat

You can add a new vehicle/boat to respawn system by:

Note: you can tweak respawn time here: /core/init_server.sqf L42 by changing 30s to what you want.